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Trial And Error

Change is good! Well at least sometimes. I tried multiple formats for blogs over the years, for example opslife, which still works very well, even if I do not put any content on it, for a year or so. I tried to split up different topics, to different blogs. I’ve always put very much effort in creating new blog. Even spent money on this kind of stuff. Logos, domains, themes, designs. Not cheap at all 😉 But I recognized it’s hard to keep them all up and running. It’s hard enough to have one blog besides a more than full time job. Enough bla bla here.

Batch Unproductive Distractions

Staying productive and focused isn’t easy in these times of information overflow and tons of distractions. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, anyone of us has these bad habits that keep him away from doing real work. Luckily I have only one of these, which is watching a lot of YouTubers, especially about filmmaking and photography.  And some other unproductive stuff too.

Static Site Generators vs Classical CMS

You wanted to start a blog and researched how to do it? Then you probably came across some content management systems like WordPress, Drupal or typo3. But I bet you also saw something called static site generators with titles like Pelican, Jekyll or octopus. In this article, I want to help you decide, what could be right for you and take a look at advantages and disadvantages.


Small Projects for Programming Beginners

I get the same questions over and over again, which is not a bad thing, but I want to give an answer here. Beginners always send me questions on what small projects they should do to learn fundamentals of a programming language. So I will create a little section here, with small challenges, you can try yourself to learn the basics of any programming language instead of just printing out “Hello World” to the screen.