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Instapaper – Save all the things

This is another post of the type “things I haven’t looked for, but damn, it’s awesome”. Until a few weeks ago I had used Evernote to clip all that stuff, that I wanted to read later. Than I ran across Instapaper while exploring IFTTT and took a nearer look and damn, it’s sweet! In this blog post, I will tell you why.

Let’s work – Intro + How do I choose apps?

What do you use for managing todos? What do you use to cut your videos? What do you use to write? – These are only a few of the questions, I get asked daily via Instagram, YouTube and so on. This inspired me, to start this series, which will be called, “Let’s work”. Of course, the name is inspired by the Let’s Play community 😉

Going Paperless: What to consider?

I would consider myself as a digital native. And I hate paper. Ok, I don’t actually hate paper, but I hate to carry around a shitload of paper books, documents and stuff like this. I like to have my stuff in a particular order, searchable and accessible when I need it. And don’t forget the environmental aspect of the paper. Psst, paper is made out of wood 😉

Trial And Error

Change is good! Well at least sometimes. I tried multiple formats for blogs over the years, for example opslife, which still works very well, even if I do not put any content on it, for a year or so. I tried to split up different topics, to different blogs. I’ve always put very much effort in creating new blog. Even spent money on this kind of stuff. Logos, domains, themes, designs. Not cheap at all 😉 But I recognized it’s hard to keep them all up and running. It’s hard enough to have one blog besides a more than full time job. Enough bla bla here.

Batch Unproductive Distractions

Staying productive and focused isn’t easy in these times of information overflow and tons of distractions. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, anyone of us has these bad habits that keep him away from doing real work. Luckily I have only one of these, which is watching a lot of YouTubers, especially about filmmaking and photography.  And some other unproductive stuff too.