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Change is good! Well at least sometimes. I tried multiple formats for blogs over the years, for example opslife, which still works very well, even if I do not put any content on it, for a year or so. I tried to split up different topics, to different blogs. I’ve always put very much effort in creating new blog. Even spent money on this kind of stuff. Logos, domains, themes, designs. Not cheap at all 😉 But I recognized it’s hard to keep them all up and running. It’s hard enough to have one blog besides a more than full time job. Enough bla bla here.

What do I want to tell you?

I quit. So not this blog, but everything else. Kabelfrettchen will be taken down, Opslife will be taken down, will be taken down. But don’t worry, the content will just move to this blog. So I will just focus on this blog, on So the topics of this blog will become broader. There will be stuff about tmux, about raspberry pi, about linux administration and so on. But just everything here.

But I am not interested in <topic>

Yeah, and that’s why I will do a little redesign of the website and will make it up like a magazine with different topics. The look will change and you will find the stuff you are interested in, on one page. You are not interested in, let’s say screencasting software, then just don’t click on the new category “Let’s work” (spoiler ;)). So you are happy, I am happy and I can focus on producing and not on maintaining a dozen of blogs.

Do you have any suggestions on what I could do better? Tell me in the comments!

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