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Static Site Generators vs Classical CMS

You wanted to start a blog and researched how to do it? Then you probably came across some content management systems like WordPress, Drupal or typo3. But I bet you also saw something called static site generators with titles like Pelican, Jekyll or octopus. In this article, I want to help you decide, what could be right for you and take a look at advantages and disadvantages.


TerminalCV:The Resume for Hackers and Sysadmins


As a sysadmin you don’t have the opportunities like web or graphics designers to present your resume.
Although you could do some ascii art or stuff like that.

I searched a long time for the right way, to present my skills to potential employers.
The first try resulted in this. This is ok, but that ain’t fancy or any similar…
I wanted something more ‘sysadmin’ like. So I searched the web… and found Jquery-Terminal.

A great shell-like terminal for the web. So I downloaded it and put my information into the HTML. Looked cool, really.
But would you like to change the html all the time? Probably not, so do I.

So what now?

I took a yaml-file and wrote down all the stuff I am able to do. This resulted in this:
Screenshot from 2015-09-29 18-30-56

The next step, how to bring this into the html/js file? python and jinja2.

So you take your index.html, replace all sections with jinja2 tags, for example {{ skills }}, and render it with your yaml file.

Ok it ain’t that easy 😉 But not that hard.

Don’t worry, I did that for you. You can see my example here: terminalCV

How to make use of it?

Like I said, I did all the stuff already for you.

You only need to take this 5 steps:

1. Clone the github-Repository:

2. Install the requirements:

3. Edit the about.yml with your editor:

4. Render the template:

5. Publish it wherever you want, it is plain html,css and JS, so no runtime is required.

(6. Open up a beer for doing a great job marketing yourself 😉 )
(7. Buy me a beer )

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