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When I started my career in the tech sector I was this kind of guy who told you: “Naaaaaaaaaaaaaawh, I can do it (better|faster) on the command line.” – “No, on Linux this works better.” – “I don’t need an IDE.”

This brought me some great experience for using the command line, for scripting, programming, workflow and so on. I learned to master vim, tmux and so on. I converterted all kind of media files on the command line.

I had tons of scripts for all purposes.

Today, I still have share some of this opinions, e.g. writing scripts for repetetive stuff, like converting and so on. But I also gained some experience on the other side. I use IDEs, desktop or web applications for task management and so on.

I am so grown up, haha.

Productivity counts

These were the positive sites of this.

So why am I telling you this? Because I recognized, that I had sabotaged and blocked myself.

In some cases I spent a lot of time, trying to figure out how to do it with X instead of accepting that Y is already the perfect solution for this. Didn’t get it? Ok.

For example:

In my former job and at private project I spend a lot of time with databases. I always interacted on it directly via command line clients. That ain’t bad at all. So I could remember complex queries better. But when it comes to complex table layout, visualization it a nice thing. Dammit, I could write a script to generate an image file for me… And the stress begins. Hours, Days, Weeks, and than you lose the focus on the point you wanted to accomplish. Instead of just using a tool that already exists I tried to re-invent the wheel, only because I wanted to it via command line.

You won’t believe how often I made this mistake, instead focusing on the problem. When I now take a look into my backups and open up my workspace I will find dozens of little applications I’ve written, that I really never used. Because at the time of finishing, I recognized they are useless. And I would have done better in checking out a existing tool or library instead of solving a problem that has been solved multiple times before.

So don’t do it like I did. If there’s a tool that let’s you do your work faster and more efficient dont’ block yourself with technology racism. Use it. You are no command line activist 😉

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