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Often it’s the little things that either save your day, or screw your entire damn day. And that brings me to an app, which I use for about week now. It’s called Quitter and it’s a small but powerful app, written by Marco Arment. Let me tell you how it can save your ass.

What does Quitter do?

Quitter, as the name implies, quits applications, easy as that. You can get it from Marco’s Website and after the installation, you will notice a framed queue in your menu bar. With a click on it and choosing “Edit Rules” you can add applications and a time limit when to quit them if you are not using them.

For example I have set Airmail to quit after 10 minutes of not using it and Franz to 20 Minutes if not touching it.

And a few more, that get in my way from time to time.

How does it save your ass?

I have a ton of applications open, including virtual machines with a heavy memory footprint. So, at least 8 of my 16 GB of RAM go for virtual machines, then I have at least one IDE and one Chrome Window. Now you get what I want to tell you?

So now I can work with a little less panic, that my macbook will crash because of the amount of apps I have open.

The bigger reason

Saving resources is one thing, where Quitter can help you. But the bigger reason why it is a great app is, it helps to you to stay focused. When you also put your messenger and social apps to quit after 10 minutes not using it, you won’t get distracted so fast by notifications and similar.

What is your favorite productivity app?

Quitter is a great little helper to help you stay productive. What are other apps, you use to stay in the zone? Tell me in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

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