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1. I am sorry

If you read my blog regularly, I am pretty sure, you have discovered, in the last weeks, months, whatever, there isn’t much content about Linux, Development and so on. I am really sorry for this, am I? Yes, I am.

I have so many topics, that are scripted, but not fully worked out. And I don’t like to put out half-ass stuff.

I am putting a lot of hours and passion into my regular job at the moment, which takes away a lot of time from the ‘blogging’ time. If you’ve ever written tutorials or shoot videos, you know how much time it can take to produce something.

Second point, if you’re not living in the basement and have a neckbeard, you probably have recognized it’s summer. This means I have around 35 – 40 degree in my rooftop home office, which decreases my motivation to sit inside even more.

It’s just simpler and not that time consuming to write about non-technical stuff. I do not have to prepare all the stuff for the rasbperry pi, I do not have to setup VMs. I don’t have to sit in my office, talking into my microphone. Most of this blog I write somewhere, and that’s it. Some have been written on a plane, some laying in the bed. This one I actually write on the balcony drinking a beer.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love writing tutorials, in my opinion, it’s the best way to teach yourself, because you have to be sure about what you’re talking. But at the moment I just enjoy writing more stuff like these.

And your feedback tells me that this is some good alternation.

2. Be prepared for winter

As the big heatwaves are over now (at least I hope so), I’ll probably spend more time in the office again, producing, writing and shooting. So here are just a few things, that you can expect to come in the next view months.

  1. Android Smartwatch Tutorials
    Watchface Design, Setup, Using sensors
  2. Ansible + Vagrant Setup for devs and ops
    Dev Environment Setup, Automation
  3. Using Docker
  4. A few reviews
    The most awesome bag
  5. Something blinking 😉
  6. The Tmux Book (finally)

Also I am working on some little pages, that I will update from time to time on which I list the books I have read, or currently reading. Or even some products I would recommend.

See you on the other side (of this damn hot summer ;))


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