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Some years ago I didn’t even pay attention, what I listen to while working. I just listened to the music I liked most and tried to put my best work out there. So I thought why not try to listen to podcasts while working? I can tell you right now, bad idea. Either you are not concentrating to the podcast, or to the work. Or the worst case, you don’t focus on anything. So I searched for solutions and started to listen to Hannes Fischer on Soundcloud all day and found my way to more and more electronic artists. But they can’t produce fast enough to not bore me after I listened to their tracks several times. The arsenal of electronic music got bigger and bigger. I got to know more and more artists. But that’s still not the perfect work music for me.

Away from the music, back to the music

So I also tried to work without music, which is actually ok, as long as I have some background noise, like wind, trees, rain or the typical sound like on public places. BUT I HATE SILENCE. I cannot work in silence. So after a bit of searching the web, I found Noisli, which generates ambient sound.

It’s the first option I tried without real music. On their website you can choose from different sound generators and combine them.

For example, you can mix rain, thunder and wind (which is by the way one my favorite sounds, no I am not depressive 😉 ). If you’d like to feel less alone, you can also simulate the typical coffee shop sound or if you like trains, there is also something for you.

I used Noisli quite a long time. But it’s just the ambient noise and doesn’t affect my creativity that much.

The reason for not using it anymore is – Music for the Brain

I felt the need for something which enhances my creativity, focus and mood, which Noisli couldn’t do for me. So the search started again, but didn’t last too long, because I quickly stumbled across

“Music for the Brain”, yeah, that’s what I was looking for. The core concept of is to stimulate your brain and influence your cognitive states. The also claim to deliver results in 15 minutes or less. Ok, can this actually work? As I am skeptical about anything at first, I wanted to give it a try.

First you have to choose from 3 Categories: Focus, Relax or Sleep. Focus of course, give me that!

Next you can see a progress bar, which points “Unique Brainwave Profile created!” and the music starts. Default time is 2 hours but you can 30 min, 1 hour and also infinite runtime.

The music which is played now, is no pre recorded mastered stuff. Everything is generated by an AI, to stimulate your brain.

Give it a try

So now I am listening, does something happen? (BTW, put on headphones, don’t listen with speakers)

Actually, yes, and that’s what fascinates me about so much. I am really focused on my work. And that in way less than 10 minutes. Nearly instant. Ok, the first time I tried it, there were no instant results, but after 10 – 15 minutes, you can really can feel how your brain forces you to focus on the work in front of you.

Some features

We all have favorite music, so what if you don’t like the music that is played? In the web interface and also on the mobile app you have Skip buttons and the AI will generate a new music stream for you with a different style of music.

But if you liked that stream, that plays right now, you can download it, if you are listening on the phone.

Also check out the explore tab and the learn tab on the website.

On explore you can switch between different focus sound, like rain, cinematic, and beach sounds. You could also switch to another topic like relax or sleep, but more on that later.

Click, learn and you will see some guides on how to use for the three topics: Focus, Relax and Sleep.

Worth the money

As you may already know, I have the opinion, good software can cost money. is amazing piece of software with a low pricing, for the impact it can have to your life.

Under 50 $ per annum is great for a tool that could make your life a little better.

“You only talk about work, fool”

Oops, can do even more for you. You can use it also for relaxing or even sleeping.

That’s what I haven’t explored enough, to tell you something about it, but I will and update this article.

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