So, you are a manager now. Great!

But with the “promotion” come some issues…

You work long hours but nothing changes.
You have no idea what your boss needs from you.
You do everything for your team but they don’t seem to get it.
You always feel pressure and don’t know where your head is.


I can help you out of that rut.


In 3 courses I will teach you the minimum of what’s needed to become a decent manager.

What you get?

Basics and Principles

This course helps you understand what separates a random group of people from a high-performance team.

You will learn basics about human behavior and relations. Don't worry, I won't bore you, we will cover just enough to build a foundation for you as a great leader.

The 1on1​

A course that teaches you the “silver bullet” of management.

1on1s are an easy, yet effective, way to build genuine relationships, motivate your team, and get crucial feedback.

On top of that they replace a lot of useless meetings.

You and Your Team

In this course, you will learn how to bring your team members closer to each other to build trustful relationships.

You will learn to co-create team values, and how a team can effectively communicate, in- and outside.

1 Year Of Community Access

Included in this offer you receive 1 year of access to Mindful Manager community. Here you can learn from and with other managers.

Every person and situation has something to teach you, that's what we believe in.

What you will learn

The Right Mindset

Don't survive - thrive. How you approach the role mentally is key to getting ahead.

Build Trustful Relationhip

It's a people job - genuine relationships are a key ingredient to success

Empower Your Team

A one-man-show doesn't scale - therefore you must empower your team.

Staying Productive

To master management you need to stay on top of the game.

What others say?

"This course is an absolute recommendation for aspiring managers. As I have not been working in a leadership position for too long I've explored valuable insights and already could implement several learnings in my daily work. The courses are written in a comprehensible way and provide the reader with a great overview on management. Most of all, it contains motivating aspects to continue with my career path."
Lisa M., Sales Lead
“I've known Daniel for a long time, and his management skills have always impressed me. So, when he launched the Mindful Manager program, I knew I had to check it out.
Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect, but this program blew me away. It's not your typical, dry management course. Daniel keeps it real, sharing practical tips and actionable steps I could use right away.
The courses are concise and to the point, covering everything from building trust with your team to mastering productivity. But what truly sets this program apart is the Mindful Manager community. Being able to connect with other managers facing similar challenges and share wins has been invaluable.”
Basal J., Engineering Manager
"Daniel is one of the best managers I have ever worked with. It gives me even more pleasure that he has now put his knowledge and valuable experience into written words. I especially like that the content is very direct and gives me, as a new leader, tools to work with right away.
There is no nonsense or lengthy passages in the course, but rather a guide that truly adds value.
The cool thing is with these course, Daniel enables you to become a very decent manager overnight. I look forward to more courses from him."
Kathrin R., Product Lead

What's inside the community?

Ask the community

You are not the first one to encounter a problem. Here you ask other community members for their help and experience.

Share your wins

Have you tried something new, had a major breakthrough, or got promoted? Share it with the community and celebrate with others.

Community Chat

A general chat to get to network and to make connections with managers on the same path.


We are certain you will learn a lot in the courses, here you can share your personal learnings, and also see what others took away from the course.

Meet your instructor

Daniel Hauck is an experienced manager, with over 12 years of experience in the field, more than 8 years as a manager.

He has coached dozens of managers in a variety of settings, from small startups to international corporations.

He has helped managers navigate the complexities of first-line management, managing managers, personal challenges, and business strategy.

He knows exactly how to make a group of strangers a high-performing team. 


Most frequent questions and answers

The courses and the community both are hosted in a community platform. After buying the offer you will receive the login information to the platform. There is also an Android and iOS app for the platform. 

Right now we are only selling the community as add-on to a course. When your own year membership ends, we will get in touch with you and make you an offer you cannot resist.

The courses have a high information density. You can rush through in a couple of hours and implement everything later.

How long it takes to implement in your situation, depends on your team dynamics, company size, structure and many other factors. 

The courses are entirely text based. 

You are in a community of likeminded individuals that are on the same path as you are. Plus, Daniel is also on the platform every day. 

On top of that we offer 1on1 coaching to help you get ahead – you can apply here for a free session.

Ready to enroll?