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I would consider myself as a digital native. And I hate paper. Ok, I don’t actually hate paper, but I hate to carry around a shitload of paper books, documents and stuff like this. I like to have my stuff in a particular order, searchable and accessible when I need it. And don’t forget the environmental aspect of the paper. Psst, paper is made out of wood 😉

A never ending story

As mentioned before, I want to restructure my blog a bit and this category is one outcome of it. I want to show you my try on living paperless in most kinds.

This post will be about, what you need to consider and where to start when you want to go paperless.

What to consider

Each point here will result in either one or more blog posts, dependent on how much there is to discuss or how you react and if you want to know more about it.

  1. What to do with existing paper?
  2. Handwriting – Multiple Options
  3. Task management
  4. Note management
  5. Stuff you probably didn’t think about

What to not expect

This is a personal approach to go paperless. Parts of it may suit for enterprises, other parts won’t fit.

Stay tuned

If you are interested definitly


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