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Get started in Development – My Resources

I often get questions on where to start if you want to learn programming/development. Here I put together a list of resources, which I use to learn new stuff or improve my knowledge.


Here are a few YouTube Channels, which teach you on different topics:

Traversy Media – Brad Traversy

If you want to learn Javascript, PHP or about web development in general, definitely check out Brad Traversy’s YouTube Channel. His videos are easy to understand and he has a lot of beginner courses.

Simple Programmer – John Sonmez

John Sonmez teaches and gives tips about soft skills for developers. You can find tons of answers about every topic you could imagine. From how to impress ladies to what to do against procrastinating. I personally would say I owe John Sonmez a lot!

Sentdex – Harrison Kinsley

If you are interested in Python, this is probably the best YouTube channel I know so far. Harrison touches so many topics around Python including Django, Machine Learning, raspberry pi, robotics, pygame and a lot more.


Simple Programmer – Again! 

Besides his YouTube channel, John Sonmez also publishes a lot of useful tips and resources on his Blog.

Simple is better than complex – Vitor Freitas

Interested in Django Development? Check Vitor Freitas Blog for tips on Django.

Josh Morony

One of the new blogs on my list. Since I am totally hyped by angular and Ionic, I started consuming this blog like drugs 😉 So, if you want to know something about ionic or mobile development in general, definitely check out his website.


Knp University

“Simply the Best PHP & Symfony Tutorials” – I second that. If you want to get into serious php development, there is no faster way to get into it. They can teach a professional tool stack with PHP and Symfony. And if that isn’t enough, you can also take courses on Drupal and Javascript. They offer some free resources, but I’d recommend to sign up and enjoy the full experience, it’s worth it, trust me!


I can’t give you any opinion about Team treehouse myself, but everything I have heard so far, it seams to be worth the money.


Udemy is not only for coding and development, you can learn everything there. Just one thing to mention, check out the reviews before taking a course. There are bad ones too 😉


As I don’t stop learning myself, this page will be updated regularly. If you got a tip for me, write it down in the comments! And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, youtube channel, twitter, whatever, to stay up to date!

Just to name it, I am not paid by anyone of them.