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Staying productive and focused isn’t easy in these times of information overflow and tons of distractions. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, anyone of us has these bad habits that keep him away from doing real work. Luckily I have only one of these, which is watching a lot of YouTubers, especially about filmmaking and photography.  And some other unproductive stuff too.

But I can’t, and I don’t want to put away an hour or two a day, watching my favorite creators. Also, I can’t watch videos while I am working, I am getting distracted way to fast by that. So I figured out, to …


Batching them up means to put them on some waiting or playlist. So you can watch them later or listen to them later. So in my case, this means pressing the “watch later” button in the YouTube app or the notification bar. This works with almost every distraction: articles on facebook, movies or seasons in Amazon and Netflix and so on.
You just did something good for your brain and released it from forcing you not to forget to watch that stupid video. Nice side effect.
But when to handle this always growing list of distractions?

Cognitive Frugal Tasks

We all have them in our day. Cooking, doing laundry, cleaning. I bet you have more examples that just don’t need that much or any mental work. But please don’t think driving a car is such a task, you need your eyes on the street!

When such an annoying job appears I pull out my “watch later” list on my iPad and put it somewhere, I can see it and start watching or listening. Like this, I can usually watch all videos that the few channels published the same day.


Couldn’t you invest the time better in listening to an audio book or reading an article? Sure. But to get into an audio book, I need to concentrate on the topic really; this works on long routes with the car or with the bike or in the gym. This doesn’t work for me as listening to 10-minute pieces.

Plus you need some time to relax and empty your brain, so you cannot always work and save the world 😉

A bit shorter article for today, hope you enjoyed it anyway! With this technique, I can keep me away from distractions. My brain doesn’t think it misses anything. What do you think, tell me in the comments? 


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