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Hey Guys,daniel_hauck

my name is Daniel Hauck and I am the guy who writes these blog posts here and shoots all the videos for this blog.
I am a Systems Administrator and (mostly) Backend Developer.

Most of my daily time I spent working on system architecture, writing code or automating various stuff. And I also try to write a lot, that will either end up in a blog post, a video or maybe someday a book. Or at least just for personal documentation of some progress or thoughts.

I love the simple things. You can do everything in a complicated way, or a very simple way. When it comes to system administration, you can always use thousands of services with a huge dependency hell, or just get it done with a simple self documenting solution. The same goes for software development. And for life.

My current interests are databases, web performance, IoT, Mobile Application Development (including wearables) and automation. And a lot of other things that would go totally beyond the scope here. You can learn more about my professional skills on LinkedIn or Github, both are linked below.

Besides work I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, travelling, cooking, reading, doing sport and taking photos and videos.

If you got any questions, about me or my work do not hesitate to ask using social profiles or the contact form.
If you need a professional system administrator you can also visit my business website at https://uptime.works